Telecommunications (NBN)

National Broadband

LRM Civil Services have been involved in all aspects of the civil works that are required to install the NBN cable network in the brown build sites (i.e suburbs that are already established with homes, infrastructure etc).

LRM Civil Services has extensive experience in navigating through the residential streets laying new conduits in heavlly congested nature strips taking all the appropriate precautions, skills required to construct the works with minimal disruption to the local residents and existing services.

These works have entailed Horizontal Directional Drilling, open trench works, pit installations, blockages, concrete reinstatement, Plinth construction, rodding and roping in preparation for the cable hauling and splicing operations that are done by other companies. LRM Civil Services has been given the entire FSAM areas to construct, including multiple areas simultaneously.

LRM Civil Services have been working in areas that are wide spread including Melton, (Melton02, melton08, melton09) South Morang, Millpark & Bundoora (SMR01, SMR02, SMR04, SMR05), bundoora, Tullamarine, (TMN04,TMN07) and Ballarat. (BRA04)

LRM Civil Services have been managing multiple FSAM’s for the client, and take pride in the delivery of projects ahead of time without taking any short cuts. The approach that is adopted within our operational staff is to get it right the first time.

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