LRM Specialised Skills

LRM Contractors has a broad range of skills ranging from the conventional open-cut operational method, through to a horizontal directional drilling division to deliver quality pipeline infrastructures and other associated works. These additional works include; pump stations, access shafts (in situ/pre-cast) as well as polyethylene pipelines.

LRM Contractors has developed specialized boring techniques (using horizontal directional drilling) of work to minimize the impact on the environment and to the general public.

LRM Contractors (Vic) Pty Ltd has worked in areas inaccessible by conventional trenching methods and keeps reinstatement of work to a bare minimum keeping client content.

1. LRM’s most recent projects have been constructed using polyethylene pipeline systems ranging from sizes DN50 to DN280

2. LRM Contractors (Vic) Pty Ltd have been specifically been constructing sewers and other pipelines via Horizontal Directional Drilling for approximately 15 years. LRM Contractors (Vic) have constructed numerous projects for Yarra Valley Water, both pressure and gravity pipelines. LRM Contractors (Vic) possesses a modern fleet of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines, as well as support equipment, coupled with some of the best on line grade drillers in the state.

3. LRM over the course of its 53 year history, LRM has installed countless gravity sewer projects on time and on budget. In 2006/7, LRM constructed the Cockatoo Backlog Sewer which comprised of approximately 11,000 meters and 120 house connections. LRM has also constructed the Cockatoo Upper, Middle & Lower stages of this project. The majority of the project comprised of 150mm & 225mm PVC Sewer gravity mains with a total length of over 5 kilometres. LRM also constructed the Templestowe Backlog Sewer acting as BACKLOG GROUP PTY LTD. This project delivered 22,000 meter’s of gravity and pressure sewer, as well as connection to 550 properties. LRM Contractors (Vic) has experience with pressure sewer installation from these projects with pipe sizes ranging from DN40 / DN50 / DN63 / DN180 / DN280.

4. LRM Contractors (Vic) Pty Ltd has constructed numerous deep sewer projects in rock conditions with some depths exceeding 10 meters all via open cut operations. LRM possess a modern fleet of excavators with hydraulic rock breakers and rock sieve buckets for sorting of rock stockpiles.

5. LRM Contractors (Vic) Pty Ltd is an accredited live sewer contractor, as well as nominated sub-contractors and intend to complete all live sewer works on this project LRM has significant experience in the construction of connections to existing sewers both gravity and pressure connections, and are well up to date with the newest technology put out by the suppliers.

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