Key Staff of LRM Civil Services

LRM Civil Services are headed up by Directors and Senior Management that are well experienced in the area of Construction of Pipelines.

Some of the Key staff include:

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Frank Razzi
Managing Director

Frank has over 24 years experience in the laying of pipelines, utilizing number of techniques which are best utilized to the different situations as they arise. Frank has extensive experience in directional Drilling. He also is qualified and experienced in pipewelding, service locating, and overall site approach. Frank has worked on all major projects over the past 24 years.

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Steven Harding
General Manager

Steve has been working in the Water and Wastewater Industry for over 22 years in all aspects including Capital works, Mains replacement, water and wastewater treatment. He has been involved in all aspects of the operations of the Water Authorities, having a understanding of what is required and expected to have a fully functional water and wastewater system. He has broad experience in the design of and construction of water and wastewater systems.
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Simon Razzi

Simon has been in the pipe laying industry for over 4 years, and has held roles on projects as Project Manager, HDD Tracking. He has experience in the administration of QA/OHS/EMS systems ensuring that the quality of projects are undertaken at the high level as set down by the Company. Have worked on all the major projects over the past 6 years.
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